Cheese Truffles Chocolates


We offer you handmade cheese truffles. Assorted 9 flavors.
Chocolate candies with cheese filling, an amazing and incredibly delicious gastronomic discovery! In the composition of premium cheeses: hard varieties (Switzerland Primadonna Black, sanctioned), goat parmesan, Saint Agur (again sanctioned), Norwich cheeses. Premium chocolate brands, France, Belgium.
Handmade, made with care and love.
Inside the box is a booklet with photos and descriptions of the flavors, the sweets are carefully covered with German parchment.
Exclusively natural product without artificial additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers. In this regard, it is necessary to store it in the refrigerator. Shelf life is 4 weeks.

  • Classic dark truffle with hard cheese: dark chocolate 55%, hard cheese, cream, butter, cognac, vanilla, cocoa powder. KBZHU: 471,4/7,7/33,5/24,9 per 100g White truffle with blue cheese: white chocolate, blue cheese, cream, glucose syrup, cognac, dye. KBZHU: 517,4/8,1/74,1/37,2 per 100g. White truffle with hard cheese in dark chocolate: white chocolate, hard cheese, cream, dark chocolate 55%, glucose syrup, cognac, vanilla. KBZHU: 487,2/12,4/35,6/29,4 per 100g. Truffle with pumpkin and anise: white chocolate, hard cheese, pumpkin puree, milk chocolate, glucose syrup, butter, sambuca, anise, orange zest. KBZHU: 415/10, 9/29, 4/26, 7 per 100g. White mango-passion fruit truffle: white chocolate, hard cheese, mango puree, passion fruit puree, glucose syrup, butter, white rum, coconut chips. KBZHU: 440,2/10,8/30,3/30,9 per 100g. Caramel truffle: white chocolate, cream, Norwegian cheese, glucose syrup, milk chocolate, waffle crumbs. KBZHU: 459,6/5,9/34,6/35,6 per 100g. Truffle with cayenne pepper: dark chocolate 55%, hard cheese, cream, inverted sugar, butter, peppercorns, cayenne pepper, freeze-dried raspberries. KBZHU:471,2/7,6/33,7/24,7 per 100g. Sliced candy with hard goat cheese: 55% dark chocolate, goat cheese, cream, butter, inverted sugar, walnut. KBZHU: 438,5/10,8/39,8/24,1 per 100g. Dark truffle with blue cheese and raisins in cognac: dark chocolate 55%, hard cheese, cream, raisins, inverted sugar, walnut, cognac. KBZHU: 421,6/7,8/29,8/35,5 per 100 gr. Store at a temperature of +2 to +6C. Shelf life: 1 month. – 500 g.
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