Flower delivery Moscow by real local florists. Our company always guarantees you, the best quality and free delivery for your flowers orders to Moscow.



Amazing high quality Flowers for the loved ones in your life


Roses are the universal symbols of love and beauty

Flowers in a Box

Luxury box of flowers for every occasion

Roses in a Box

Our roses in a hatbox are designed to showcase beauty and simplicity


A great alternative to roses, tulips share the ability to symbolize a variety of meanings…


An orchid delivery sends a message of beauty, luxury, and love. It is very beautiful gift for your loved ones

Russia-Flora, is the most reliable way to send flowers to Moscow and St. Petersburg from anywhere in the world. You will always receive the most affordable and freshest flowers available for local delivery.

The designs and prices of our products vary according to the cities. When placing your orders for send flowers , make your shopping at the store of the city where you will send.



Roses are the universal symbols of love and beauty

Roses in a Box

Our roses in a hatbox are designed to showcase beauty and simplicity


Flowers for the loved ones in your life

Flower Basket

Flower basket is a great and thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed on any celebratory occasion

Flowers in a Box

Luxury box of flowers for every occasion

Flower Delivery Moscow Russia

Flower delivery Moscow with RussiaFlora is easily for share your love and best wishes, any time.

You don’t have to call or visit any flower shops in Moscow to select the best arrangements available. With one quick and simple Moscow online flower order, you’re able to select from the latest in floral gifts.

A flower bouquet is the best way to express your feelings and special attitude to a person. Flower delivery Moscow to your loved ones will be a great surprise and bring unforgettable emotions.

What is the advantage of flower delivery Moscow from the company RussiaFlora?

Our main goal is to bring people together, bring joy into their lives and create pleasant moments in life. Therefore, we are ready to develop for you a unique design of a bouquet or basket of flowers with the addition of your special attributes.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Individual selection of bouquets for each client;
  • Prompt flower delivery Moscow at the specified time;
  • Always fresh flower arrangements;
  • Trendy and elegant design of bouquets;
  • A large selection of flowers with convenient search on the site;
  • Pleasant and affordable price to order flowers in Moscow.

Why should I place an order for flowers in Moscow with RussiaFlora?

Here you can find and buy a special gift for your second half, relative, colleague or good friend at an optimal cost.

Our range provides a wide range of products:

  • Classic and original flower bouquets;
  • Exquisite flowers in boxes;
  • Unique flowers in baskets;
  • Additions to flower decorations.

Fresh flowers, complete packaging and perfect appearance of the gift are the mandatory characteristics of our service. Flower delivery Moscow is carried out to any address at the time necessary for the customer.

Same day flower delivery with RussiaFlora – Flower delivery Moscow

The most bright and precious memories are the details that made this day or event more colorful and joyful for you. And those amazing emotions you felt at the same time.

Because it is not just a gift, it is mood which the guest of honor will have for a long time and later this mood will become an amazing and warm memory.

Online store of the living flowers, we give you a mood

RussiaFlora online flower store in Moscow, does everything possible to make your celebration successful, and the guest of honor could receive from you a bouquet exactly when you want it.

Our flower delivery service is a well-coordinated and developed to automatisity work of the experts which guarantees to you and your dear address a gift delivered in time and a great mood!

Ordering flowers from our store is fast and easy!

Gift and Flower delivery in Moscow are very simple and convenient. When you choose beautiful flowers for your loved one from our large catalog you will feel sincere pleasure.

We proud that our express delivery of flowers is delivery for the minimum possible time, namely. We deliver flowers during one hour, author’s composition – during two hours.

Where to buy the living flowers?

Online flower store RussiaFlora is the most convenient place for ordering floristic gifts online.

Our catalog contains only fresh plants and the most beautiful flowers you could ever imagine.

The skillful and caring hands of our favorite florists who convey in each composition a piece of their soul and their mood in order to make them even more beautiful.

We want every day to be filled with beauty and love, and we keep on working for it!

No one else comes close to RussiaFlora about Flower Delivery St Petersburg and Flower Delivery Moscow

When it comes to Moscow flower delivery or even sending flowers St Petersburg, no one else comes close to RussiaFlora.

Be sure that we only deliver fresh flowers; besides, our flower delivery takes us only three hours!

If you want to send flowers to Russia, RussiaFlora makes it possible within just few hours through our international flower delivery and same day flower delivery services.

We guarantee freshest flowers and trend bouquets

RussiaFlora is giving guarantee  to send you the freshest flowers from the best florist in Moscow!

As if to attest to this fact, most of our clients are very pleased with the quality level of our products and services.

They have also described our courier service as being coherent, and vowed to use our services again, because we make deliveries in right time.

This is why flower delivery is a very serious and demanding business;

Our company can deliver flowers to Moscow residents quickly and accurately, precisely according to your instructions, which we encourage you to give us in as detailed as you consider.

When sending flowers to Moscow or other city through RussiaFlora, please check out our line of related products, which includes such fine additions to floral gifts as beautiful.

Flower Etiquette In Russia

Flowers are beautiful. But what is more important – flowers are symbolic. Flowers follow us on all special occasions. Knowing “flower etiquette” is key, especially if you live in Russia.

What Flowers mean for Russian People?

Always give an uneven number of flowers. Unless it is a funeral, in that case you should bring even number of flowers (that rule is for up to a dozen flowers, but most people will follow it even if they give a big bouquet – such as 51 roses for the 50th Birthday)

Give a lot of flowers. Russian people love flowers. You can not go wrong with too many flowers

Know which flowers are proper for which occasion, read below

Flowers for Love, Dating & Other Occasions

Love in Russia is strongly associated with flowers. Ideal boyfriend always brings flowers to a date and gives flowers for special occasions

What kind of flowers? That depends on the lady’s taste. Most women love long stem red roses, and only very few may think it is cheesy. To be on the safe side, you can start with white roses in the beginning of relationship and progress in density of color as your love gets stronger.

Some women would think though that roses are faux pax. In that case opt for either simple field flowers or exotic ones

Ask which flowers she likes (and if she likes roses – which color is best). Some girls love green roses or tea-colored roses

Chose fresh Flowers

Choose fresh flowers. We do believe that if flowers stay fresh long – it means they were presented with love and care

Never ever bring your love flowers in a pot, unless houseplants are her hobby. Houseplants are also right for families or older women, but also if you know they have houseplants at home

Visiting a Russian home with flowers

Again – flowers are very welcome. Your best bet is a nice (and not over the top) bouquet of flowers. You want to give that bouquet to the lady of the house. Make sure that you bring wine or sweets too

If you know that the family likes houseplants, those may be appropriate. But present flowers in pots only if you are sure.

Some people do not like to care for house plants. Also, if you present a plant in the pot, make sure you know people’s tastes. Some people love orchids, some care about low maintenance succulents or violet

When You Visit A Friend In The Hospital with Flowers;

Make sure a hospital allows visits and accepts flowers first of all. Buy such flowers that do not smell, just to avoid allergies. I guess that is a universal advice for any country though

Most patients will be happy to see flowers, but what they would love to see even more – oranges or other fruit, chocolates, biscuits and other food (from the allowed list) or something to read or watch

Russia: A nation of flower lovers

One need only visit a Russian school on the 1st of September to understand the sheer impact that gift, and more importantly flower-giving, has in Russia.

Hundreds of schoolchildren stand around waiting for the first bell of the year, all with bouquets the size of an umbrella gripped tightly in their little hands.

They’re doing this because it is a tradition, and their elder siblings, parents and grandparents all went through the same ritual for many years before them.

Best Florists in Moscow

Moscow is a vibrant capital city that captivates both locals and visitors from all over the world. It is a city that moves fast, and we appreciate it when we find flowers that give us a break and make our day in Moscow more pleasant.

RussiaFlora is also the perfect solution for those looking to make a gift from afar that want to send flowers to Moscow. We are committed to deliver all orders on time anywhere in the community.

We are the best about flower delivery Moscow

RussiaFlora now lets you send flowers to Moscow and easily share your love and best wishes, any time.

You don’t have to call or visit any flower shops in Moscow to select the best arrangements available. With one quick and simple Moscow online flower order, you’re able to select from the latest in floral gifts.

All you need to do is to enjoy browsing our selection and picking out the perfect way to make any occasion more special or romantic with flowers.

The leading online florist in Moscow

We make it simple to send flowers to Moscow, on the day and time you choose. Once you’ve enjoyed looking through our online selections, consider adding on one of our other personalized gifts with your floral delivery.

RussiaFlora has a splendid selection of sweets and other appropriate gifts for any type of occasion or event.

If you want to send flowers to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, you are in the right place!

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